About us

Welcome to official site of the ''Bonilat'' company.

Thank you for becoming our faithful customer in this short period of time. Our aim is to provide transparent and accessible information about dairy products for our consumers. You can feel free to contact us for any question, suggestion or reprimand.

The company “Bonilat” was founded in 2005, in the place of former cheese factory base in Talin, which was the only producer of "Roquefort” cheese in the USSR.

We would like to mention that our dairy products are very useful not only as food but also in cosmetology, medicine and other spheres.

Over the past years the company has managed to replenish factory with ultra-modern equipment which allows providing high quality products, daily control of laboratory, which met the standards of appropriate milk quality and safety production indicators.

It is notable that from the first day of company's life “Bonilat” inherited the following policy: we use only high quality clean milk. This is the reason why our products are produced in a limited edition and only supplied to markets and supermarkets in Yerevan.

It should be noted that nowadays we are carrying out preparatory works for optimizing food safety management system and be able to meet ISO 22000 international standard.